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 'The Crucial Groove'

Fàilte - Welcome to my website.  Here are updates and links to the sites where music is posted.

From the West Highlands of Scotland,  Derek MacLennan brings you a view from a croft.  Afro-Beat influenced funk grooves and good measures of bluesy electric guitar fused with some traditionally inspired phrasings provide the backdrop to his individual vocal style.  A global view from a highland perspective, presented with something of a bardic style of delivery, sets the scene.  For many many years now 'Celtic' melodies have been getting  blended with African rhythms in a balanced and soulful way and there is no doubt here that there are more ways yet for styles and traditions to come together with meaning.  The 'Cuisle', sometimes known as the 'endless groove', is an infinately adaptable dance generator with a pulsing harmonic link between the rhythm and the melody, the crucial groove that is as at home with Puirt a Beul or an Oran Luaidh as it is with Funk, R&B or Afrobeat.

The singing is often in Gaelic - at one time known as Scottish - the language which united Alba (Albann), or Scotland.  It was once widely used in the British and Irish Isles, Indeed one of the oldest known names for the largest of these islands is Albann (Albion). It was gradually pushed out for political reasons and even today it is not yet fully respected for its true worth... co-dhiùbh, flexible, versatile and's as good a language to sing in as any. There are many popular Gaelic singers around to prove this too.

Straight on to the music on offer here, and there are a number of different sites, but for starters why not check out these videos...?

Here is a preview of some unreleased material accompanied by some images by Caty MacLennan. Thanks to Andy Minnion for the Sax. This instrumental is based around the tune for 'O Mo Dhuthaich'.


A funky reworking of the classic Port-a-beul (sometimes spelt Fionnaghuala)

Shuas Mun Chnoc-fhaire

Skye bard Rody Gorman translated Dylan's All Along the Watchtower into Gaelic for this recording. The video won Best Technical Direction at the FilmG Awards 2008.


10 Out Of Illusion was first released on CD in June 2005.


 You can buy it now at


Tracks from 10 Out of Illusion can be listened to over at last  FM


And the profile over at myspace has been up and running for a while now.  A selection of more recent tracks can be heard here. 

Most recently posted - Fionnghala - a reworking of the classic port-a-beul made popular by the Bothy Band in the seventies.



To buy 10 Out Of illusion as an mp3 album, click here.

For updates on new musical  output stop by again soon.

 Mar sin leibh!


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